AndroidとGoogleMap API



AndroidとGoogleMap API


  • onMapReadyの中に処理を書くと、GoogleMapが動くようになった後に処理が動く
  • googleMapという大域変数があるのでそれを直接いじれば、マーカーやカメラの移動ができるようだ
     * Manipulates the map once available.
     * This callback is triggered when the map is ready to be used.
     * This is where we can add markers or lines, add listeners or move the camera. In this case,
     * we just add a marker near Sydney, Australia.
     * If Google Play services is not installed on the device, the user will be prompted to install
     * it inside the SupportMapFragment. This method will only be triggered once the user has
     * installed Google Play services and returned to the app.
    public void onMapReady(GoogleMap googleMap) {
        mMap = googleMap;

        // Add a marker in Sydney and move the camera
        LatLng sydney = new LatLng(-34, 151);
        LatLng hiratsuka = new LatLng(35.358688, 139.358084);

        mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(hiratsuka).title("Marker in HIRATSUKA"));